Hammond Organs and piano

Upcoming ShowS

March 1 at La Bulle  -- Puyricard FR, with the Power Trio.

March 14 with Delta Blue in Orcières Merlette

Mar 15 at Le Jam, Marseille FR with John Massa and friends. 

March 16 JAMES' Bday in La Fare Les Olivier FR at La Cav'Halle with Jean Paul Avellaneda Blues and Soul

MAR 23 at Les Gens Heureux Eguilles FR with Eric Cassanova Guitar and Carl Bouchoux Drums

March 29 at La Cav'Halle with trio featuring JP Matteir Guitar, and Romu Lo-Pinto drums

April 4th with BOBBY RUSH Talant France

April 5th with BOBBY RUSH Monchy-sur-eu, France

April 6th with BOBBY RUSH Chatres Sur Cher, France

April 13 at La Cav'Halle with trio featuring Eric Cassanova Guitar, Carl Bouchard Drums

April 19 at Larragne FR with JP Avellaneda at "May Pop"

May 3, Inga des Riaux France with James Pace Power Trio 

May 4 at La Cav'Halle - La Fare Les Olivier  FR duo with JP Avellaneda guitar/vocals

May 11 at Les Gens Heureux Eguilles FR with James Pace Band featuring various artists 

May 17 at La Bulle, Puyricard FR with the SWITCHBLADE TRIO from California. Contact La Bulle for tickets and information. 

MAY 18 at La Cav'Halle in La Fare Les Olivier FR with Robert Sidwell guitar (USA) and Jerome Mouriez drums (FR)

June 14 Greoux France with Mercy Blues Band

June 22 with Delta Blues in Oraison, FR

June 26 Delta Blues Band in Vinon FR

June 28 in Ribier FR with Delta Blues 

July 4 Grési FR with Mercy Blues Band

July 6 in Le Lavandou FR with Traffic R Lines at Chez Mimi

July 12 Oraison FR with Delta Blue

July 16 Gréoux Camping DB 

July 19 with "Traffic R Lines" Oraison, FR

July 25 at Chez Mimi with Traffic R Lines, Le Lavandou FR

July 27 Allemagne en Pce FR with Delta Blue

Aug 2 Barret FR with Delta Blue

August 3 Sisteron FR with Delta Blue

Aug 9 Lons le saunier Mercy 

Aug 24 with Alain Rivet Manosque FR

Aug 27 Greoux FR with Delta Blue

Aug 30 Greoux FR with Delta Blue 

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