Hammond Organs and piano


Upcoming ShowS

July 3 with Traffic R Lines at a Londe les maures, "San Remo"

July 4 Grési FR with Mercy Blues Band

July 5 with guitarist Eric Cassanova, Afterworks de la Maison Arquie Aix En Provence 

July 6 Jazz Fola Lyunes FR with John Massa and friends

July 8 at Le Jam, Marseille FR with bassist Reggie Washington and friends. 

July 11 in Forcalquire FR with guitarist JP at La Boca 18h30

July 12 Oraison FR with Delta Blue

July 13 with JP Avellaneda DUO in Manosque FR

July 16 Gréoux Campinng Ground with Delta Blues

July 18 La Londe with Traffic R Lines 20H

July 19 with "Traffic R Lines" Oraison, FR at XY

July 20 with Eric Casanova and Carl Bouchaux at Chateau du Sueille Puyricard FR

July 23 in le Lavandou FR with Traffic R Lines

July 24 in  le Lavandou FR with Traffic R Lines

July 25  with Traffic R Lines, Le Lavandou FR

July 26 Le Hibou Pertruis FR 20h with Power Trio featuring Eric Cassonova Guitar and Carl Bouchaux on drums 20h

July 27 Allemagne en Pce FR with Delta Blue

Aug 2 Barret FR with Delta Blue

August 3 with Godfathers of Soul, details tBA

August 7 Forcalquiere at Parenthese ,7pm with JP Avellaneda 

August 8 with JP Avellaneda near Manosque FR

Aug 9 With Carl Bouchaux in Rousset

Aug 14 with JP Avellaneda in Orcierres FR

Aug 15 with Traffic R Lines  Chatteua de Fountainblue in La Val, FR

Aug 17 with Traffic R Lines at Le Lavandou FR

Aug 18 with Traffic R Lines at Le Lavandou FR

Aug 19 with Traffic R Lines  in Le Lavandou FR

Aug 20 with Traffic R Lines in La Londe 20H

Aug 23 in Maison Arquier, Eguilles FR Duo with TBA 7pm

Aug 24 with Alain Rivet Manosque FR

Aug 27 Greoux FR with Delta Blue

Aug 30 Greoux FR with Delta Blue 

Aug 31 Oraison FR with JP Avellaneda 

Sept 7 in Toulon FR with Traffic R Lines

Sept 14 at La Cav Halle, Les Farre Les Olivier duo with singer Dominique Guirou

Sept 18 Forcalquire at Parenthese 7pm with JP Avellaneda 

Sept 21 at Les Gens Heureux Eguilles FR with guitarist Eric Cassanova and drummer Carl Bouchaux

Sept 22 with Cathy Heiteig details TBA

Oct 4 with the incredible singer Cathy Heiting at La Folle Journee du Toursky "Soul Time"

Oct 13 with Delta Blue Oraison FR

November 17 Aix En Provence with Delta Blue

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