Hammond Organs and piano

    Upcoming ShowS

    May 26 in Oraison France with the  Mercy Band featuring Robert Sidwell (California) on guitar

    June 14 at MU LIVE in Nice, France with Stephane Avellaneda (Paris) on drums, Robert Sidwell (Califronia) on Guitar, Lady G on Vocals.  9pm

    June 16 Private Party 

    June 21 Pace Sidwell Duo le Terminus Oraison France 7pm

    June 22 Pace Sidwell Duo City Center Oraison France Pace Sidewell Duo

    June 23 with Mercy Band Restaurant L’Entre Potes Sisteron (04200) 

    July 3-8 NORWAY with Ledbedder Welch Blues Band 

    JULY 9- 17 with Mike Zito Band (USA) in various ITALY Locations 

    July 18 with Mercy Band, France details TBA

    July 20 with Mercy Band Place PaulineGréoux les Bains (04800)

    July 21 with Mercy Band entre Village Villeneuve (04180)

    Aug 3 with Mercy Band Centre Village Barret/ Méouge (05300)

    Aug 14 with Mercy Band Centre Village
    St Martin de Bromes (04800)

    Aug 22 with Mercy Band Le May Pop
    Laragne (05300)

    Sept 21 in Greoux France, with The Mercy Band 

    James Pace Music